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PREVIEW: SHU-fléd: Cooking Just Got Real

PREVIEW: SHU-fléd: Cooking Just Got Real

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Ever dreamed of performing in the Chopped kitchen? On Nov. 30, four two-person teams of students are competing for glory and fame in a Chopped-esque competition called “SHU-fléd: Rise or Fall,” The event is co-sponsored by the Spectra News Network and the Student Housing Council.

Contestants are paired up into groups, with one student being a self-proclaimed skilled chef and the other … not so much.
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There are two rounds, with the first being the entrée. Contestants will be given college-themed basket of ingredients that must be incorporated in their dishes within a 30-minute span. After the first round, the remaining two teams will face off against each other in the dessert course with a 40-minute time limit.

SHU-fléd host Kayla Parks was asked what she thought were good attributes of a chef.

“I think creativity is important because a lot of people can make basic dishes,” Parks said. “But someone who knows how to put random things together and make it look and taste good is talent. Also, I think that patience is good because you need to be able to work with what you have and work with what happens even if you didn’t expect it.”

With the hand-picked, college-themed basket of ingredients chosen by yours truly, contestants will definitely need that extra patience.

I also asked Parks if she had any advice to those competing, and the first two words out of her mouth said it all.

“Have fun!”

SHU-flé’d was thought up during a brainstorming session during a Spectra class meeting. Everyone immediately took a liking to the idea because of how interesting it would be to see students come up with their own unique ideas in the kitchen. Spectra also wanted to spice things up even further by having the contestants be polar opposites of each other in terms of skill.

Parks added that she had a lot to look forward to in this competition.

“I’m most looking forward to stepping outside my comfort zone,” Parks said. “I’ve never done something like this, so it’s exciting even if I’m a little nervous.”

This is a new project for everyone in Spectra, and especially to those competing. It’s an animated event that is like no other with many people doing things they have never done before all in the name of fun and creativity.

The event is scheduled for 8 p.m. in Benincasa Hall. The Siena community is encouraged to attend to cheer on their favorite team. There will be pizza and pop available.

Here are the teams:

  • Girard & Ryan
  • Rachel & Marissa
  • Brooke & Jameshia
  • Kaitlynn & Alexis


  • Julius Nagy
  • Mitchell Prater
  • Mike Hardie (Chartwells)
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PREVIEW: SHU-fléd: Cooking Just Got Real