Senior Projects in Full Swing at Siena Heights

Seniors from all fields of study will be busy doing research and putting together their projects to present to the Siena Heights’ community. Senior and biology major, Josh Dowell explains what his plans are for his own project this year “My senior project is testing to see if people who are older have a higher resistance to antibiotics than people who are younger. Since we take lots of antibiotics during our lifetime, we naturally grow an immunity to them. Also, a lot of them meat we consume contains some sort of antibiotics that really mess with our bodies.”

When asked how much time he’s estimated he will spend on his senior project, Dowell replied with “I’m expected to work about 200 hours for my senior project over the course of this next year. I’m not sure if it will hit that high but it’s definitely time consuming. Collecting all the data by swabbing the mouths of my subjects is very time consuming, as well as making the plates that the bacteria will grow on, it takes around 5 hours to make 20 plates”

The presentation of these projects will introduce the audience to the process of gathering information and all aspects of the student’s chosen topic.