Horror Movie Series: Get Your Scare On

“I love talking about horror movies. It’s hard to get me to shut up,” said Assistant Professor of English Mark Bernard.

Bernard and Assistant Professor of Art Erin Zerbe are putting on a horror movie series throughout the month of October. This is the second time it has been done. Last year, Zerbe headed it and this year, Bernard expressed interest in helping. They hope students will have a good time.

“My hope or biggest wish is that people come and have a good time, but also take a little more away from it,” Bernard said.

Bernard also said he plans to give some historical context before each movie, and provide some thought, questions or main ideas for attendees to think of while watching the film.

“I want folks to have fun, but to understand what we can tell about our culture from watching these films, as well,” he said.

Bernard, if one can’t tell from the first quote, loves horror movies. He said he believes there is so much to learn from these movies about culture. He said that these films offer a way for people to look at the different ways in which gender plays a role in these films, as well as race studies and the significance behind these topics.

“I like horror movies a whole lot. I don’t think they’re scary,” he said. “Real-life things scare me, like traffic and paying the bills. That’s stressful enough. I think horror is really, really fun. It’s an escape for me.”

If any student is looking for a similar experience to have fun or escape from their studies for a night, consider heading over to Studio Angelico each Thursday at 8 p.m. through the month of October and Nov. 3, as well. You’ll be “horror”-fied!