Eclipse Hosts Open Mic Night

On Feb. 9, Eclipse put on an Open Mic night for poets, fiction writers and singers to share the creative work and for the Siena Heights community to attend.

The event was conducted in the University Center living room, which offered a comfortable environment for both the performers and those in attendance.

One of the people in attendance was Lorren Tipping, who said it was nice seeing everyone be able to share their work so openly and creatively. Tipping also read some of her own poetry and said the experience was, “Terrifying, but weirdly freeing.”

Kellie Schudel, co-senior editor of Eclipse, said these open mic nights give creative writers practice sharing their work to an audience and also helps draw in people outside of the literary circle. On what she hopes people in attendance took away from the event, Schudel said she hopes people felt more comfortable reading their work and that non-readers might see different versions of creative writing.

Be sure to be on the lookout for the next Eclipse Open Mic night!