Student Government Proposes Amphitheater Project with Budget Rollover


Recently a proposal has been circulating around campus concerning Student Government’s rollover budget, and the group wants student input on it.

Student Government currently has a hefty amount of rollover in their budget, and last semester it formulated ideas about ways in which it could be spent.

This semester, student leaders have been working on a proposal for a project they think will be a “really cool addition to Siena,” according to Student Government President Rocky Chesnick.

What is that proposal? Student Government has been working on the idea of an amphitheater. They simply started out thinking of a picnic area and a gazebo, but after discussing in greater detail, they eventually ended with an amphitheater concept. The proposed amphitheater is proposed to be located behind Dominican Hall, where the “U” statue currently stands.

However, this project could take four to five years to complete, according to Lee Johnson, SHU’s senior vice president of Business and Finance. That means, essentially, none of the students enrolled at Siena now will ever see or use the amphitheater.

“We are trying to better the future of Siena by leaving behind something that could be used for years to come,” said Chesnick.

The project committee composed of senators and the E-Board of Student Government is working on this proposal and said they need student input. They said their plan is to receive student feedback on the proposal by the end of April – in time for the Board of Trustees meeting in May.

Student Government will be tabling in the University Center about this idea and collecting feedback from students on whether they are interested in seeing this proposal through and dedicating the rollover budget and future finances to this project.

Currently, this project is entirely student-led, something Chesnick and others on the committee said they are proud of.

“This being a student-led project allows for other students to assist in making this a reality; giving them real-life experience in marketing, what it takes to do something like this, and so much more,” said Jacob Wilson, a freshman senator and one of the leading forces behind the amphitheater.

This amphitheater would give Siena its first covered outdoor space, acting as a multi-purpose facility, doubling as a pavilion for students to hang out at and also as a space to hold outdoor concerts and events.

“It would be something beautiful to stand on campus and be reminded of “The Siena Effect” and why we chose to come here,” said Wilson.