Inaugural Tea Party Celebrates Women


There’s only one week left in March, and last week on Siena’s campus, there was a tea party conducted in celebration of Women’s History Month. On March 18 in the Archangelus Ballroom, there was a tea party featuring tea (of course), brunch, and a keynote speaker.

This event was put together by Diversity and Inclusion graduate assistant Alonna Titpton. She said she is hoping to make this an annual event.

“The tea party was important to shine a new light on the women at Siena Heights,” she said. “As a first-year graduate assistant, I felt the women at Siena Heights haven’t received a lot of recognition, so I created the tea party.”

About 30 people showed up to eat, listen and reflect on the speaker’s messages and experiences. The theme for the tea party this year was “SHU Women Rock: Building paths and opportunities for women and girls.” The keynote speaker was Minister Rosa Bevier from the Image of God Christian Center. Her speech focused on struggles she faced, but more importantly, how she overcame those with the help of God.

“Don’t let fear and defeat attack you,” said Bevier.

She served as an example for women, proving that no matter the struggles they face, they can overcome them and be successful. She is now the owner of three successful businesses and is happily married, despite, at one point, living out of her car – and being pregnant.

Bevier not only enlightened the audience about her struggles, but connected her themes and her experiences with the audience, saying, “we (collective we) should have been defeated, but we’re not.”

In her speech, she wanted people to know and understand that they are somebody, and furthermore, somebody of worth. She also touched on how people need to change their thinking about certain things and realize that they are in control of their lives and their actions or reactions.

“No storm of life can do anything to you unless you allow it,” said Bevier.

Bevier touched on many points, and left the audience with a lot to talk about in their group chats at their tables. Tipton said Bevier did a good job in speaking about the challenges women are faced with every day. She walked away with the message that she should, “never take ‘No’ for an answer.”

Those who would like to continue the celebration for Women’s History Month, there will be a Poetry Marathon in the University Center living room on March 28 for most of the day. Head on over and read some poetry by women, or listen! Organizers will also be collecting donations for the Catherine Cobb Domestic Violence Shelter.