SHU Fly on the Wall: Question of the Week

SHU Fly on the Wall: Question of the Week

“What advice would you give your past self about coming to college?”







“Be a good person but don’t waste your time proving it. Be who you want to be starting now and just have fun.”








“Just a read a book so you don’t fail.”









When Neven decided to come to Siena, he had to choose between here and two other schools. Siena ended up being the better option so he chose that without hesitation. Looking back, he said he would have applied to more schools to broaden his options so it didn’t just come down to three schools. He decided to be safe rather than sorry and going back he would take a chance.










Ben said his main advice would be to be more outgoing and try new things. Being outgoing allows you to make connections and meet new people that you might not meet in your classes. If you’re outgoing you just might find something new that you like instead of doing the same thing every day. Today, Ben has a job on campus that allows him to interact with more people and meet people he wouldn’t have met outside of his job. Plus, it’s a good learning experience. But looking back, he would have tried to do all of this in the beginning.









Haley is a junior and she’s on the basketball team. Her schedule can get pretty busy at times and it’s sometimes hard to stay focused. Her advice to her past self would be to stay as organized as possible. Without being organized you won’t get through college. Having class, practice, games, extracurricular actives, and homework things can get crazy. So, staying organized and developing time management skills are just some of the important things she would tell her past self.










Emily wanted to remind her past self not to stress about everything. In college, it’s easy to get overwhelmed so being able to step back and relax is ok. It’s going to be tough either way so you might as well not stress so much. She also said not to believe that everyone is your friend at first. At Siena Heights, it’s so easy to meet people and make friends, but they aren’t all true friends.









The advice that Arthur had for himself was to be open minded to all opportunities. Coming to Siena Heights from Brazil was a huge transition and you have to be able to adjust. He said he would tell himself that it’s okay to hang out with different groups of people and its normal to not see the same people every day. But most importantly, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.