Food Review: Mongolian Barbecue


Choices, choices, choices! Living with them may be no other choice, so that’s why it’s best to have our choices presented to us for the painting of our own canvas. Or better yet, the preparation of a delicious platter.

When it comes to being presented with decisions to what will be satisfying to the taste buds, no other restaurant touches Mongolian barbecue! Protein consists of sriracha chicken, steak, calamari, crab and shrimp.

Of course, there are the necessities to a Mongolian style barbecue! So, choice of noodle is as hand as well, not to mention the various choices of ingredients to rock the night along with taste. Fresh vegetables and fruits rest in position, waiting to be eaten by the next oncoming consumer. Then there are sauce choices to choose from, but my recommendation says teriyaki mixed with lemon and garlic is the most bang for taste bud.

Just as the mouth begins to salivate from thinking about eating the platter, you will find yourself standing in front of the grill, where several cooks are anxious to serve the dish in its final place of the Mongolian barbecue process: cooked and sensationally enticing. The food is dragged off the grill by long tong-like knives and falls onto the plate in a beautiful mess.

If you tip your grill cook, Mongolian has a ritual of banging a nearby gong hanging from the ceiling and singing a chant to show appreciation of the customer. What could be better than an atmosphere where everybody appraises in the gathering of hunger? Only one thing, and that is a full stomach on delicious food that you chose to mash together.