Question of the Week: SHU Fly on the Wall

Question of the Week: SHU Fly on the Wall

“Do you think humans are better at creation or destruction?”


Max said that we are better at creation because we are being forced to adapt. He says, “as we evolve we have to develop new things.” Which is true. But he agrees that this is also how we cause destruction. Humans must learn to adapt accordingly so we don’t cause destruction in the process.






Josh agrees that humans are better at creation. He says, “We build a lot of things and even though we destroy a lot of things, we always build it back better.” For example, we burn down trees for land but we are getting better at greenery projects and doing things to save the environment. He says we’re finally learning ways to adapt that aren’t harmful to the earth. He thinks the main goal should be “rebuilding, and not destroying what we just built.”








Lauren was in between about whether we are better at creation or destruction. She says, “We’re good at making things happen but we don’t think about the consequences.” We’re always looking to make things bigger and better without thinking about the effect that it might have on the earth. So even though the things we create are good, she thinks we still have a big role in destruction.








Khan thinks that humans are better at creation for a lot of good reasons. He brought up all of the new technological advancements like cell phones. Also, how amazon is now partnered with whole foods so checkout can be quicker and people can eat healthier. He agrees that “even though we destroy a lot, we create a lot more.”












Tristan decided that humans are better at destruction because “Even when we’re creating things, we’re destroying other things.” For example, when we build all of these cities, we’re destroying wildlife. So, the more we create the more we destroy, and what we destroy is more precious than what we are creating.