American Horror Story: Cult Midway Recap

American Horror Story: Cult Midway Recap

We are now over halfway through the latest season of “American Horror Story.” There has been no shortage of twists, turns and surprise endings. But so far, there has been a lot sub-story lines that will need to be tied up before the season finale, which is coming up in just a few weeks. Without giving away too many spoilers, here is where we are with “American Horror Story: Cult.”

When the season started, there were plenty of directions they could go. There were a lot of characters and story lines that the season could tackle. Instead of going with one or two, they continued growing and evolving nearly each and every plot they could. With that being said, there is a lot going on.

Kai Anderson is still attempting to become the mayor. During his run, he has formed a clown cult that was wreaking havoc on the town. By this point, Ivy Mayfair-Richards has joined the cult and as of Tuesday’s episode, so has her wife Ally. Ally was originally the character with the clown phobia so it’s odd now that she has joined this cult with her estranged wife, but we’ll see how that story line plays out.

As for the sub-story lines, it seems like the writers are bringing in topics that were and still are being discussed in politics. These topics have been the focus of some episodes and may or may not have impacted the main story line. With that being said, there has definitely been some clutter and confusion that has come along with all of these topics.

There have been plenty more murders and setups that have taken place in order to help Anderson win the mayoral election, including a staged assassination attempt. But, there are so many other things that have taken place that don’t seem to contribute to the main story line involving the clown posse and trying to get Anderson to become the mayor.

We have a few more episodes to go, and hopefully all of the story lines either get resolved before or during the finale. There is still hope that this season will end on a high note. But, I’m not trying to guess what will happen to any of the characters, because we all know that the writers of “American Horror Story” have no issue demolishing any expectation at the last possible moment.