Question of The Week

Question of The Week

“What is a cause that you think deserves more attention?”









Austin is very passionate about the recent shootings involving African Americans and police officers. Lately there has been news about police officers shooting innocent African Americans. He said, “It seems like people are being killed for absolutely no reason.” But then again there’s the question about how media portrays the news.






Charlena thinks more people should care about littering and protecting the earth. She thinks that littering not only looks bad but it’s disrespectful and harmful to the earth and animals. She said, “There are trash cans for a reason! People don’t need to litter.”













Haley is passionate about women’s rights. Being a woman herself, she thinks that every woman deserves respect and equal opportunities. Even though things have changed and woman are starting to get more recognition, things still aren’t completely equal.











Jacob thinks that people need to be more aware of world hunger. There are so many people out there without food and nobody really thinks about it. He said, “I think since we all have food we don’t think about the people that don’t.” He said most people don’t worry about something unless it affects them directly. Jacob wants people to know that world hunger is a problem, and a big one at that.










Dalauren is passionate about mental health. He said mental health isn’t really acknowledged as a big deal since it’s not a physical problem. He said his family is dealing with these issues and they keep going to the doctor, but nobody has a solution. He doesn’t think the doctors are taking it seriously.













Kara also believes that mental health needs to be acknowledged more. Her argument is that everybody tries to blame guns for all of the violence in the world, but nobody wants to talk about mental health. She thinks mental health can be directly related to violence, so we need to pay more attention to it.














Keith thinks the biggest cause that people need to focus more on is racism. He says it seems like we just keep reverting back to our “old ways” and we need to do something about it. He says, “More people need to stop taking a back seat and keep racism from happening.”