Recap: Stranger Things 2


With every sequel or second season of a show, I get a little nervous. Sometimes there can be shake-ups in the cast and the writers, or they might take the story in a direction that doesn’t even make sense. But the second season of “Stranger Things” proved to be a great continuation for the Netflix original series.

This season takes place about a year after season one ends. Without giving away too many spoilers, we find out that Eleven is living in Jim Hopper’s cabin, Nancy is still looking for Barb who disappeared in season one and Will is having episodes where he is back in the Upside Down seeing this monstrously large creature.

The main storyline this season involves Will being the host for the monster he’s been seeing in his episodes. Through Will, it can see where he is and manipulate him. This causes a ton of problems, as you can imagine, and gives this season a different, but familiar story. New types of monsters called “Demodogs” are ravaging the town, only adding to the problems this season.

The great thing about this show is that they have managed to create several sub-storylines without losing focus of the main plot. The writers made the stories very easy to keep up with.

There is a lot going on this season. Eleven is trying to find out about her past and find her “sister,” new kids in town making things a little more difficult in Hawkins, Ind., all while Will is once again a victim of the Upside Down.

Season two of “Stranger Things” is definitely on par with the first. All of the actors who returned this season did a great job reprising their roles, and the writing is just as good as the first season. But more importantly, the story has continued to progress in a way that leaves more questions to be answered, specifically with Eleven. But not in a way that’s disappointing. Luckily, the writers left the ending open for another season. So hopefully some of our questions will be answered when the next season is released.