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EDITORIAL: The Price of College

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If you were to ask any college student what their main concern was about attending college, most likely their response would have something to do with tuition. It is no secret, or surprise, that the price to attend college is overwhelming. Students are told through their entire academic career that they should expand their education. Many of the classes that students take in high school say that they are preparing you for their future. However, it is a fact that many students sitting in that classroom will not be able to attend college or university simply due to the costs that it entails.

Over the years, countless high school graduates are faced with the realization that furthering their education may not be in the cards for them, simply due to the price tag. More and more students are graduating high school and forced to join the work force, or enlisting in the military, to begin their descent into adulthood, rather than applying for college.

For those students who are blessed enough to attend college, the loom of debt follows them throughout their entire academic journey. The pressure and anxiety that is placed on young adults attending college is astronomical. Colleges are asking students, as young as 17 years old, to decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives, and commit to it. Once their decision is made, they are presented with the fact that they now have to pay outrageous prices to accomplish their goals. Many students wonder what the reason is behind the astronomical price of college.

Students are also beginning to question the role that colleges are playing. Students are wondering what colleges are doing to help lower the cost of tuition for their students. Siena praises itself for being one of the most affordable colleges in our area. However, each year tuition has been on the rise. Students question what the cost of attending Siena will be like in 100 years if costs continue to rise the way they currently are. Siena has been exemplary at keeping tuition costs comparable with other prominent universities.

Many students at Siena feel that there is a lack of communication between colleges and its students. Some students feel as if they are going into their academic journey blind because they have no idea what to expect or plan for. Students hear about scholarships and grants, and apply for them. However, they do not always get awarded due to various reasons. In most cases, the awarding of student scholarships and grants are based on the income of their parents. However, many students do not have the help, or financial assistance, of their parents while in college. This has a huge effect on those students who are denied aid.

While attending college, students are strongly encouraged to get jobs, which in return has an effect on their time availability for academics. For those students who have an out-of-budget job on campus, their hours are significantly lowered due to budget cuts throughout campus, resulting in them having to find alternative sources of income. Students are making the attempt to earn money to pay for college. However, various setbacks keep students from accomplishing their goal. These consequences may even result in the student withdrawing from college completely due to insufficient funds.

Siena students are faced with the concern of the financial demands that college is causing them. Whether is it the unwanted meal plans that on-campus students are required to pay for, the parking passes for commuter students, highly priced textbooks, or any other additional fees: these expenses are beginning to weigh heavy on the shoulders and minds of Siena students.

Siena Heights is a wonderful university that thrives on community, love, and aspiration. For many students, there is no other university that they would want to attend. However, the financial strain that college creates for its students results in a black cloud that looms overhead signifying debt. Students spend years trying to pay off their loans. For many students, college is a way to grow academically and personally; colleges are meant to widen our horizons. However, how much are you willing to pay to be handed a degree? In today’s day and age, countless students are turning away from the college gates and entering into a minimum wage job.

Students are not able to pay what universities are demanding. Students are requesting that colleges go back to the drawing board and come up with a way to make school affordable for all. Across the world, there are many colleges who are offering free tuition to all students. If it is possible for a university to offer free tuition to an entire school, then it should be possible to lower the tuition costs for students everywhere. Many want to attend college.

Siena has done a wonderful job by relaying information to its students. Our superior university has lighted our way to a better future, and as students we are eternally grateful. Many consider themselves truly blessed to have attended such an inspiring and welcoming university. We will forever be proud to be Siena Saint.


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EDITORIAL: The Price of College