REVIEW: ‘Little Evil’

REVIEW: Little Evil

“Little Evil” is a Netflix original film that was released on Sept. 1. The film was directed by Eli Craig and stars Evangeline Lilly as Samantha Bloom, Adam Scott as Gary Bloom and Owen Atlas as Lucas.

The base of the film is Gary marries Samantha and becomes Lucas’ step-father. It has the typical story of the step-father having a difficult time bonding with his step-son. Gary and Lucas do not like one another, but there is another level to the film because Lucas is the Antichrist. With that being said, “Little Evil” is a horror comedy, similar to “Zombieland,” for example.

The film does have both horror and comedy elements, but it is definitely more of a comedy. They use very dry and sarcastic humor throughout the movie. In my opinion, the dry humor was a good decision considering you have characters who are just your everyday average person. And then this very quiet 5-year-old who you find out is the Antichrist. If they would’ve used any other kind of humor, I don’t think it would’ve went over as well. The dry humor and sarcasm fit the tone of the film and it works really well.

The acting in “Little Evil” is fine. Like I said, the characters are supposed to be your average everyday people who are clearly not able to handle the Antichrist. So, at times the characters, specifically Samantha, come off as naïve. Samantha has no reason to think her son is evil. She doesn’t even believe it when she has to dig up Gary after her son buried him alive in the backyard. It takes quite a bit of time until people start connecting the dots and realize Gary has been right the entire time.

“Little Evil” is a good film overall. Is it a groundbreaking film that will sweep the Oscars? No. But it is a good film to try if you’re just looking for something to watch. It is definitely entertaining and if you enjoy sarcastic people and morbid jokes, then chances are there are parts of this movie you will thoroughly enjoy.