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COLUMN: New JFK Documents Released

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A story that completely shook the nation and devastated millions, the assassination of JFK has continued to captivate minds for over 50 years – so much so that there are countless conspiracy theories revolving around the loss of our 35th president.

As morbid as it sounds, I have always been drawn and fascinated by the unimaginable assassination for as long as I can remember. The iconic video of a man sitting next to his wife, smiling and waving, only seconds before his life is stolen from him has been branded into my mind along with the minds of others. Jackie Kennedy’s reaction made hearts stop all over the country. Her life forever changed, along with the young lives of her children.

I feel as though the nation felt betrayed. The assassination of our president brought forth an uproar of anger, confusion and determination. The biggest question on the minds of all Americans was “who and why?”

The man who was targeted and accused of killing our president, Lee Harvey Oswald, was quite possibly the most hated man in the country. When Oswald was gunned down in public, many felt the truth of what happened that frightful day died with him and would never be revealed. However, how many would believe the words of an accused killer?

The conspiracy theories behind the murder of JFK spread like wildfire. Many blamed Oswald as the killer, while many questioned the role that the secret service played, along with the government and possibly other countries. People wanted answers. While the blood of our president stained the road in Dallas, Texas, citizens along with government officials rallied together to secure the area and get to the bottom of the attack.

The nation was dumbfounded and stunned when so many files and documents were labeled top secret and classified. The American people wanted answers, and the government was keeping the answers behind closed doors.

 Just recently, our current president, Donald Trump, signed off for the classified files to be released. When the news was released, the media went into a frenzy, along with the entire nation. People couldn’t wait to uncover the secrets that have been behind closed doors for over 50 years. When JKF was assassinated, it was stated that over a certain amount of time, the standing president could sign off to have the documents released. Going against the advice of the CIA and FBI, Trump signed the document. However, he required that certain files be kept classified, due to security reasons.

The released documents sent ripples throughout the country. Conspiracy theorists raked in more data to add to their evidence files. In a way, these files added fuel to the fire.

When the shots rang out through the air, bodies dropped to the ground, avoiding the flying bullets. The attack on our president felt like it was an attack on our own family. JFK portrayed an image of family; people felt connected to him, and were drawn to his charismatic approach and dignified persona. The loss of this man felt personal, and many have spent their lives tying together loose ends to solve the mystery.

The release of these documents will allow missing links to be revealed. The documents have proven so far to be informative and confirm suspicisions to many conspiracy theories. Theorists are still determined to connect the dots and find the missing answers.

I believe that these documents will help solve the mystery that has haunted our nation for decades. I look forward to reading them myself. I hope that soon the truth will be revealed and confirmed. I feel that as a nation, we owe it to our iconic and much-loved president, John F. Kennedy.

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COLUMN: New JFK Documents Released