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Exam Week is Here, and Students are Preparing

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Winter break at Siena Heights is almost here which means one thing: Exam Week.

At any university, exam week is the week students stress out and question if college is worth it. Usually professors cover either the last few chapters of what the class was focusing on for the test, or just make the test cumulative, with everything that was taught the whole semester.

Other professors don’t even assign a test for the final and assign final projects, papers or presentations instead. The whole week before finals and the week of finals, students spend most of their time with their heads in a book or facing a laptop drinking Starbucks coffee all night.

“I feel like my finals this semester are some of the easiest finals I’ve had since I been here,” said Havert Beal, a senior at Siena. “What I’m going to do to prepare, since I only have two finals, is study the day before for both of them so that way it will be fresh in my mind for the next day. I’ll say my Managerial Finance final will be the hardest out of the two. Math and I get along, but finances takes it to another level.”

Many students have multiple finals to prepare for over the week and require great focus, especially if the content of test is going to be difficult. Some students even get lucky enough to have a professor who assigns a take-home quiz, which takes the pressure off a student to remember the material.

“Well, I have three finals, but one is a take-home test, so I can do what I have to do for that,” said Iraq Cheney, a sophomore at Siena. “The most important final is my Data Analysis and Statistic final. For that final I’m going to study past tests we’ve taken in the class and apply all of that information to taking the test.”

Students have a huge week ahead of them, and for some, a very stressful one. One could only imagine how the library will be looking this week, filled with students who are studying and just wishing to pass the classes that have been tough this semester.



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Exam Week is Here, and Students are Preparing