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EDITORIAL: The Millennial Stance

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Lazy, entitled, disrespectful, an embarrassment. These are just a few of the delightful terms that have been placed on the heads of all millennials everywhere. It seems that the college-age generation has become the easy target and punching bag for the generations prior. On countless occasions you may have been judged regarding your age.

You are probably not alone.

Our generation was born into a world of hard workers. The generations before us paved a way for growth and evolution. Their development and success created a new day and age for the next generation. However, the generation they provided for is now receiving criticism for the world that they were born into.

Suffice to say that times have changed. Graduating from high school and joining the work force is no longer the norm. Due to the advancements that our world has today, a degree is needed for the jobs in our society. Many millennials are judged based on the decision to attend higher education for a “fluffy” job, outside of construction, minimum wage and manual labor jobs. Many millennials find themselves confused when prior generations are criticizing them for the advancements that they made. We are living in the world that the prior generations created and advanced, and yet we are receiving backlash for the luxuries they have provided for us.

We don’t think it is a sense of anger that prior generations are feeling, but a taste of jealousy. The “feud” between generations reminds us of sibling rivalry. The eldest sibling is always noting what their younger sibling(s) have at a certain age and what they themselves didn’t have. We think prior generations are more resentful to the millennials who are unappreciative of what they have. Jealousy and resentment is a dangerous combination that can boil and grow into something even more deadly.

Prior generations may feel that we are spoiled and unappreciative. However, it is our opinion that prior generations can be judgmental. It is easy to judge a book by its cover, but it is only once we know the story that we begin to understand the whole picture.

Many millennials have been stereotyped and judged based on their age. Some had a cellphone when they were 13, a car when they were 16, and didn’t have a “real job” until age 19. Based on that information alone,  that may sound like a typical spoiled millennial.

However, some had a prepaid cell phone that was used for emergencies and sports only. Some had an old, “hand-me-down” car, so they were able to take care family members and friends to the grocery store or doctor visits.

Some didn’t have a “real job” until they were 19 because maybe they helped their parents work on in the family business. Some millennials were raised on hard work and responsibility. Some grew up appreciative of hard labor and dedication. It is easy to judge and assume things about those we don’t know. It happens every day.

On the other hand, there are always a few bad apples that ruin the whole bunch. There are many millennials who live up to the negative stereotypical view; we have witnessed it.

We have come across some millennials that make us feel embarrassed to be a part of the same generation as them. We, too, question what made them that way. Was it all in how they were raised? We think that plays a huge part when looking at the overall picture. Unfortunately, some of our fellow millennials lack the quality of decency and respect.

Truly it is sad to see the lack of civility and common good in a select few of today’s generation. And besides, doesn’t every generation have those who paint a bad picture? Just because we live in a new day and age, we should not lose the value of respect.

Millennials are subject to the fact of an instantaneous world. Technology has allowed us to work smarter rather than harder. Today’s generation basically has the world at its fingertips. We have progressed so much, and we have the opportunity to do so much more than previous generations have.

We can understand the frustration of prior generations; they did all of the work and we are reaping in the benefits. However, they are, too. Unfortunately, we feel that the “sibling rivalry” between generations will never end. We hope the millennials will be less drawn to judging the generations that fall after us.

It’s amazing to see how far we have come, and we do owe that to the previous generations. By their dedication and hard work, we are now able to further advance our world.

Yes, there are some millennials who are lazy, entitled, disrespectful, and an embarrassment. However, there are also those millennials that work had and have the utmost respect for their elders.

Our advice to those who are millennials: be respectful, prove them wrong and show civility. To those who come from prior generations, get to know the ones you may judge and stereotype. Rather than categorizing ourselves separately, we should unite ourselves and work towards advancing our world further into the future, together.

Mic drop.


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EDITORIAL: The Millennial Stance