COLUMN: Should Students be More Informed?

In the editorial Spectra recently posted, we talked about the new Esports team and how our staff was a little confused about a couple of things. This conversation surfaced the glaring lack of communication that Siena Heights students get from their leadership.

As students, it is not obvious to us how many aspects of our university are funded. This could be worrisome because the students are the ones (we assume) that are funding a lot of it with their tuition.

Some may ask that since we pay a lot of money to go to school here, why aren’t we more informed? It could be noticed that schools such as Michigan State or Western Michigan will announce that they are starting programs at their respective universities and they will say something along the lines of “funded by…”

So why doesn’t Siena Heights do more things like this, and why aren’t they more transparent with the finances of their new projects? Siena Heights University is a private school, so they are not entirely forced to make their finances public.

Now, just because they do not have to share the financial backing of their projects, does not mean that the university should not.

It is no secret that going to school at Siena Heights University is not cheap. Many of the students here are spending a lot of money to go here. Because of this, and because of the university being certainly less than transparent, there could be some distrust to come about this.

Even though the university is private, and they do not really have to disclose their finances to the public, maybe they should show some transparency to their students. The students are the customers, and being transparent could allow for less distrust between the leaders of the university and students.