REVIEW: Titanfall 2

REVIEW: Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is a first-person shooter game where players can control both a pilot and their Titans, aka mecha-style exoskeletons. The pilots has a large variety of abilities that enhance their efficiency during combat. The campaign has a total of nine chapters to complete and six bosses to kill. You may think this is not much for game, but you’re wrong. You fight on your own for a while in each chapter until you meet up with your allies.

Even if you play the game on the regular difficulty, you will still fight against enemy forces in certain areas of each chapter that are hard to get by whether your piloting a Titan or fighting as a trooper, which does make the game fun to play. Since action games that war based are one of my favorite types to play, this game caught my attention when I was searching new action video games to play.

The story of the game is the tale of a rifleman named Jack Cooper, who lives on the planet Harmony (a resemblance to earth) joins the Frontier Militia to fight against the IMC (Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation), a massive industrial conglomerate on the planet Typhon and is trained by one of the Militia’s best Titan pilots, Captain Tai Lastimosa.

After landing on Typhon, you initiate combat again IMC Stalkers for about a few minutes until getting knocked down by a shockwave from a Mortar Titan and nearly die. After the shockwave, you get saved by Captain Lastimosa and his titan BT-7274, but after being saved Lastimosa sacrifices himself to protect you before you pass out and wake up later.

Once you wake up your being confronted by strange creatures who disperse after Lastimosa’s titan shoots them. Before dying, Lastimosa transfers control of BT-7274 to you, making Jack Cooper BT’s new pilot, and that’s where fun really begins.

Before you’re able to pilot BT, you have to find two Titan batteries to recharge his power core. Once that is done, your journey really begins. Your job is to stop the IMC from using their Fold Weapon from destroying your home planet of Harmony at any cost, in order to do this, you need to obtain the weapons power source called the Ark. You have to face off against a team of six contracted mercenaries that are called the Apex Predators. There is a total of six mercenaries, but it’s only you fighting the five of them.

Of the six, you get fight against Kane, Ash, Richter, Viper and Slone. Kane pilots a Scorch class Titan, he’s known for being a narcotics dealer, he’s is a ruthless mercenary with a mental state to match, he’s wild, and his unpredictable nature that makes him a dangerous pilot. Kane is the first mercenary you fight against in the Reclamation Facility. Ash is a Simulacrum Pilot aka a robot pilot who was once an elite pilot, but was severely injured in battle. Due to her injuries her body couldn’t function anymore, and her mind was transferred to a robot body. Not the best solution, but the only logical one. She’s the second mercenary you fight against at the IMC Dynamic Testing facility.

The chapter Into the Abyss is where you fight against Ash. Richter is a Cloak Pilot you face in the next chapter after defeating Ash. Richter is the mercenary responsible for killing Captain Lastimosa in the landing on Typhon. Viper is mercenary that is difficult to beat because his titan is designed to fly, and he is skilled in aerial combat.

The chapter you face him in is the one where you chase after Ark, which is onboard the IMS Draconis. The last mercenary to fight after killing Viper is Slone. You face off against Slone in the final chapter with new Vanguard class Titan, but with the same data core, meaning you still fight alongside BT. Sadly you don’t get to fight their leader Kuben Blisk. Kuban Blisk is a South African Mercenary Pilot you come across twice in the finale when you get captured after securing Ark, and after you defeat Slone. Good thing he doesn’t kill you though. In order to describe these mercenaries’ all together, I would say they’re like a group of bounty hunters.

The game has long list of weapons that can be used by pilots and soldiers, but I cannot describe them all. The weapons used by the soldiers and pilots in this game are grenades, assault rifles, submachine guns, light machine guns, sniper rifles, shot guns, grenade launches, anti-titan, and sidearms. The weapons used by the titans are loadouts. The loadouts are Ion (a splitter rifle), Scorch (a T-203 Thermite Launcher), Tone (a 40mm tracker cannon), Northstar (a plasma railgun sniper), Expedition, (an XO-16), Brute (a Quad Rocket Launcher) and Legion (a Predator Cannon). I cannot choose a favorite out of these loadouts because they are useful.

Overall, this game is the best of the war games with battle mechs that I’ve played so far. If you’ve played games with weapons mechs similar to Titanfall 2, then you definitely need to try this game. Take the position as Titan Pilot and the Militia’s home Planet of Harmony. It’s fate that rests in your hands.