Sullivan Added to Campus Ministry Team

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Kateri Sullivan is new on the Siena Heights Campus Ministry team. Young and full of energy, Sullivan is from Brighton, Mich., and attended Aquinas College. She finished her schooling at Michigan State University.

She is well-versed when it comes to working with students and sharing her faith with others. She has also spent time working in San Francisco building her resume, and this opportunity was presented to her shortly after her experience in California.

She said her main goal is to connect with the students, while also being a resource.

Sullivan said, “If it’s somebody who just wants to talk, somebody who needs guidance, if they want to be able to go to the chapel, that’s what we do here.”

She said she wants to assure the students that this is a safe place where students can come and be themselves. There is no specific religion forced upon them. She actually wants to encourage diversity, and be more aware of other cultures and religions.

There are other changes being made with Sullivan on board.

Sullivan said, “There is no longer daily Mass because we no longer have a priest on campus. This office is also open for student use. The scholars and a couple of our leaders who work with campus ministry have access to it. Before it was just an office and now it’s useful space.”

Another goal Sullivan said she has is to make campus a lot more open. She wants everybody to feel welcome and accepted. Students who are struggling with anything on campus have a reliable, willing resource who is always available in Campus Ministry.


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