COLUMN: Haunted Hallways?

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COLUMN: Haunted Hallways?

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I am going to slide away from my usual topics that I have covered in the past weeks and adventure into something I have always been interested in at Siena Heights. Is Siena Heights University haunted?

Now, if you live in Ledwidge and this kind of thing scares you, I would stop reading now and pretend that you never even saw this article.

I have stories from older students and staff that there may be some interesting activity in certain areas of the older parts of campus. Not to worry, nothing crazy, but definitely something. There are even stories online about haunted parts of campus!

This first story comes from, a radio station’s website. According to their post, room 211 (assumed to be in Ledwidge) has an interesting light situation that will send chills down your spine. It is rumored that there are two sets of lights, resembling eyes to witnesses, that will appear from time to time. After attempts to debunk this story failed, there were attempts to cover up the lights with sheets, paintings and even to wallpaper over the lights but they still appear. According to the website, people have even seen the paintings that were intended to cover the lights fall from the wall “as if something just plain doesn’t want to be covered up.”

This story is backed up by what appears to be a former student here at Siena that has had personal experience in the infamous room. Their article is posted on and this former student said similar things to what has said. One thing from this story that struck me as particularly spooky was when the former student was addressing the paintings trying to cover the “eyes.” When a piece a paper was taped over the lights, the student claims that he woke up with the same paper taped over their bed with no explanation at all.


There are more stories and tales like this of Siena Heights being haunted and I hope to get a part two up for my next Spectra post if you guys, the readers, are interested.

Also, I wonder if there could be a haunted tour of campus if these stories are true for those thrill-seeking students that go here?

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