REVIEW: Cars 3 Driven to Win: The Follow Up to the Movie Review


Cars 3 Driven to Win is a racing game based on the 2017 film Cars 3, and its gameplay is identical to that of the game Cars 2. This game serves as a follow up for after the Cars 3 film that has Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez being challenged by Chick Hicks on his TV show in a program that’s a rematch for McQueen and Ramirez going up against Jackson Storm again after he lost to the two at the end of the film. And for Lightning McQueen to prove that his racing days are still not over yet.

Like the game Cars 2, this game also takes place after the events of the film and has over 20 playable characters and 20 tracks to race on that exist in 13 different locations, including Radiator Springs, Thomasville, Thunderhollow and Florida International Speedway.

The modes that appear in the game are the following:

  • Race: Players must compete to see who can get to the finish line the fastest.
  • Battle Race: Racing, but with weapons.
  • Takedown: Players must use weapons and power-ups to take out as many other cars as possible. When the timer runs out, the player with the most points wins.
  • Stunt Showcase: The objective here is to put on a show by performing jumps and tricks to score points and impress the crowds.
  • Best Lap Challenge: Players must try to get the best lap time around a given course.
  • Playground: A sandbox mode in Thomasville that allows players to go racing, perform stunts, complete challenges, or just cruise around

When you first start this game, you play a tutorial first as Lighting following Doc and Smokey on the road and learning the basic moves with the controls while driving like moving, drifting, tilting, jumping and backwards driving.

Also as you progress through the tutorial, you meet up with River Scott, Junior Moon and Louise Nash. Once they are all with you enter the Thomasville speedway track, learn turbo boosting and test your driving skills. I really wish Doc was still alive in movies two and three, then I could play as him.

Along with the modes in the in the game, there is also the Piston Cup series. The mode is three races from the modes on Racing, Battle Racing and Stunt Showcases, and you have to come in first, second or third place to win. But for me, I am always aiming for first place. Also you can play these modes on easy, normal or hard. Easy you will play without a problem. Normal will present a little challenge. And Hard will really put your skills to the test.

The graphics and effects in this game really make it fun to play, especially the new effects of the weapons on impact and the special effects you can give your character. The effects for your character are the turbo fire color, the horn sound and the paintwork light effect.

The story line for this game is four different events. The first event is a battle race at Thunder Hollow with Miss Fritter and the three of Crazy Eight demolition derby racers. Your goal is to beat Miss Fritter and the other crazy eight racers in three laps on the Thunder Hollow course with the weapons you pick up that are provided on the track.

The second event is a stunt showcase that puts you up against Mater but this time, he is the Dare Devil Mater the Greater. Your goal in this event is to keep up with Mater and perform stunts on each ramp to earn points. To beat Mater the Greater, you need to keep your score ahead of his until the time runs out to win. When Mater does a jump he will spray red, white and blue smoke from his exhaust pipe and balloons will appear. Pop the balloons in each jump to earn extra points with your stunt, make sure to use to turbo ability when your close to the next ramp Mater goes up on and use your jump control to increase your height and reach the balloons.

The third event is a Takedown challenge with Chick Hicks. Your goal is to use the weapons provided on the course and hit Chick Hicks a 100 times. The thing about Chick in this event is that there will be many virtual clones of him in front of you always talking. The final event in the story is race with Jackson Storm. Your goal for this challenge is to beat Jackson Storm one on one using only your turbo and racing skills. If you come in first place, a cut scene will then play.

Each event in the story has cut scene that plays before the start of each race. The thing about these four racing events is that you need to unlock them by winning the achievements to fill your achievement board. To do this you need to win the normal races, battle races, stunt showcases, takedowns, and best lap challenges.

You also need to do certain tasks within these normal events to unlock the achievements. With these normal events, it also unlocks other courses in the game. As you unlock these achievements, your achievement meter will continue to fill up. When it reaches a story event icon, that means you have unlocked a story event.

Overall, this game is really fun to play, and to be honest, I do not have a favorite story event, normal event, race course or character in the game. I like playing as them all and testing my skills on the all three difficulties. Other people should try this game and decide what they think about it; just hope they are experienced gaming racers.