REVIEW: Reader Player One Game/Movie



Ready Player One is a science fiction film produced and directed by Steven Spielberg. The movie takes place in in the year 2045 which is 26 years ahead in the future from today, when much of humanity uses the Virtual Reality software OASIS to escape the desolation of the real world.This was a movie I have been waiting to see for a while after I saw the trailer. When I saw the trailer, I said, “This movie is definitely worth seeing because it involves one the thing I still have not got to experience in gaming, and that is Virtual Gaming,” but more about that later.

The majority of scenes in the movie take place in the OASIS and some of the scenes in real world, but the majority of the movie revolves around the game. Orphaned teenager Wade Watts discovers clues to a hidden game within the program that promises the winner full ownership of the OASIS, and joins several allies to try to complete the game before a large company run by businessman Nolan Sorrento can do so.

Wade’s avatar is custom made and he calls himself Parzival in-game and knows a lot about James Halliday’s history. After he befriends Art3mis, a well-known Gunter, they both share a common interest in Halliday’s history. This is really something to think about when watching this movie, because it is not only interesting to know about. But if you really think about it, sharing common knowledge with someone you meet is a really good way leading to a relationship.

Halliday was already dead in the beginning of the film, but what made his death seem honorable was the message that went out to all players of the OASIS. In his message was a contest that would grant the winner ownership of OASIS by being the first to find the Golden Easter Egg within it, which is locked behind a gate requiring three keys.

The contest has lured a number of “gunters,” or egg hunters, and the interest of Nolan Sorrento, the CEO of Innovative Online Industries (IOI), who seeks to control OASIS himself.

Even though there were three keys to find, the challenges to obtain them were not easy. The first challenge was a race across Manhattan, but with the landscape shift and obstacles all around, and it even had King Kong and a T-Rex. The second challenge is a search for Kira in the Overlook Hotel from “The Shining.”

These two challenges are a daring and fun to watch, but it’s the third challenge that contains the most exciting part in the movie, and that’s the Battle on Planet Doom. It turns out that even though Parcival obtained two of the three keys, Sorrento would stop at nothing from obtaining the third key and obtaining the Easter Egg, even if it meant zeroing out Parcival or killing Wade. The battle on Planet Doom before the third challenge is by far my favorite part of the movie because of how it proceeds. Parcival streams a video broadcast all over the OASIS telling everyone about what Sorrento did when he bombed the tower that had the Stack his Aunt was living in, and showed the force field he put up around the castle that contained the third challenge.

After his speech, every player from the game emerges from the snowy hills on planet doom running to Parzival’s position and begin firing at the force field to try and bring it down. The strange parts to the force field is that it is powered an orb relic that can only be activated and deactivated by way of a magic spell that has to be spoken correctly. Funny thing that Samantha Cook (Art3mis’ real name), escapes the prison rig she was in, with the help of Parzival, Daito, Sho, and Aech’s. She helps infiltrateIOI’s main room with all the rigs and manages to deactivate the force field. That is when the battle begins with Parzival, Aech, Daito, Sho and the all of the rebels vs the IOI loyalists.

I have to admit, the song “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” by the band Twisted Sister was an awesome choice for the battle on planet Doom. When watching this battle, I got to see the avatars from some of my favorite video games, tv shows, and movies in action, such as the Iron Giant, UNSC Spartans and Covenant elites, super heroes from DC, a Gundam, and even the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

An important thing to know about being in the OASIS is that the avatars are 100 percent accurate in looks and how they look in 3D. In the end, when Parcival met  Halliday after winning the content, made feel both happy and sad on the inside when the Easter Egg appeared and when Halliday said his final goodbye to Wade.


Now that I have given you an understanding of the movie, I will talk about the game in the movie the OASIS.

Wade describes the universe of the OASIS being split into 27 different sectors. The sectors have zones that can be any shapes and size and one has different rules to follow.

So far in my gaming experience when play local or campaigns, I have not had the chance to try the Virtual Reality system that PlayStation created. The virtual world of the OASIS compared to that of the the regular games of the VR system for the Playstation is more realistic and exciting. The Virtual World of the OASIS game is actually a great consideration for the future of VR gaming.

If any of the game industries are able to create a virtual world game that designed the same way the OASIS and the necessary technology like the game suit, the visor piece, the proper wires and cables, the motion sticks, and the treadmill that can move in all direction a VR game or world like the OASIS could became real.

Of course there could be clans, but no loyalist centers and no major quests for control of the game because that would cause too much trouble. The game should just be for the fun and excitement. People could design their own avatars or download their favorite character from a video, movie, or tv show by just saying “Active” and the name of their avatar. For me, I would have a selection of avatars to choose from and would want to change to different one whenever I would want to.


Here a list of characters that I think would make great avatars:

  • The Master Chief

  • The Arbiter

  • Gears of War Delta Squad

  • Clone trooper Captain Rex

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  • The Red Dragon Emperor


  • Optimus Prime

Transformer Prime Version

Cybertron Version

Movie Version

  • The Justice League

  • The Avengers

  • Jake Sully

  • Deadpool×2560.jpg

  • The Autobots

  • The Iron Giant

  • Call of duty Alex Mason

  • Kirito from Sword Art Online

Overall, if a Virtual Reality like the OASIS comes to life in the future, then the world of gaming will definitely be at its best. Not to mention a VR game like this would probably get a great review, awesome hits, sell for a profit. The world today needs a game like the OASIS to be created, the VR Components for it need to be built and with unlimited relics with different powers and proper settings.

If this could become a reality later in the future, then it is totally worth playing.