Women’s Lacrosse Spring Break Roundup

Womens Lacrosse Spring Break Roundup

SCAD 19, SHU 11

On March 4, No. 9 Siena Heights traveled to Savannah, Ga. to play in its season opener against No. 1 Savannah College of Art and Design (2-1). SCAD rattled off six unanswered goals in a 19-11 victory.

The Saints put a stop on SCAD’s goals by scoring two goals by Jenna Sommerville with an assist from Mackenzie Fisette and Samantha Pawlowski, respectively. The Bees finished off the first half by scoring another seven goals.

The second half began by SCAD scoring three goals. The Saints answered with a goal from Natalie Williams. However, the Bees did not stop there. They tallied off two more goals before Sommerville scored again for the Saints.

The Bees scored their final goal of the game before the Saints fired off two more goals by Katherine Tapia and Pawlowski, respectively, to finish off the game.

Throughout the game there were eight yellow cards given out, five to SCAD and three to the Saints. The Saints were: 6 of 18 in their shots with20 groundballs. They went 16 of 28 on clears and had 11 saves, 34 turnovers, 11 draw controls and four fouls.

The final tally of the Bees stats were: 19 of 33 shots, 26 groundballs, 21 of 24 inclears, six saves, 25 turnovers, 14 draw controls and 21 fouls.


Trine 13, SHU 12 OT

On March 5, Siena Heights (0-1) travelled to Bluffton, S.C. to face off against NCAA Division III Trine University (1-1). The Saints lost 13-12 in overtime.

The Saints opened the scoring with two goals from Katherine Tapia and Mackenzie Fisette, respectively. The Thunder did not let the Saints keep their roll going; they scored to get closer.

However, the Saints did not let that goal stop them, Tapia and Natalie Williams scored with an assist from Samantha Pawlowski to increase their lead. The Thunder answered back with one goal before Pawlowski scored with an assist from Jenna Sommerville.

Trine answered back with another before the Saints scored two more goals to keep the lead. Trine had two goals to end the half to close in the scoring gap.

The Thunder entered the second half on fire, scoring three goals to take the lead. However, the Saints did not let Trine keep the lead for very long; the Saints scored three more goals to regain the lead, with goals by Alexis Nicole, Pawlowski (two), with assists from Sommerville and Williams respectively.

The Thunder scored twice more to tie up the game. Sommerville scored to take the lead for the Saints again. After the Thunder scored twice more to finish off the game, Sommerville scored once more to tie up the game and send the game into overtime.

The Saints fell to Trine when they scored with less than 30 seconds left in overtime. The Saints went 12 for 35 shots, had 24 groundballs, 18 draw controls, 20 turnovers, 12 saves, went 20 of 24 in their clears and had 27 fouls. The Thunder went 13 for 31 in their shots, had 19 groundballs, 10 draw controls, 25 turnovers, 19 saves, went 21 of 32 in their clears and had 24 fouls.


SHU 16, Ave Maria 12

On March 7, the Saints (0-2) travelled to Ave Maria, Fla. (1-1) and earned a 16-12 victory.

The Gyrenes started off the scoring of the game with two goals before the Saints rattled off one goal. Their lead did not last long as the Saints scored four unanswered goals to take control.

The Gyrenes scored to slow down the Saints roll, but it did not do much because the Saints scored another four unanswered goals. The Gyrenes score once more before the end of the half. The Saints had five goals from Alexis Nicole, two from Samantha Pawlowski and one each fromKristin Delclos, Jenna Sommerville, Mackenzie Fisette and Katherine Tapia.

During the second half of the game, the Gyrenes and Saints went back and forth, with Nichole getting three goals and Pawlowski and Williams scoring in the second half.

There were eight yellow cards given throughout the game, six were given to Ave Maria and two to Siena Heights.

The Saints had 32 shots, 38 groundballs, 19 draw controls, were 18 of 26 on clears, 11 saves, 20 foul  and 31 turnovers.

The Gyrenes had 32 shots, 42 groundballs, 11 draw controls, were 14 of 24 on clears, 10 saves, 27 fouls and 25 turnovers.


Keiser 24, SHU 11

On March 9, the Saints visited to West Palm Beach, Fla. to face off against No. 5 Keiser University (4-1). Keiser won the match 24-11.

The Seahawks opened up the scoring with two goals before the Saints’ Alexis Nicole scored. Keiser answered back with two goals before Siena’s Nicole answered back with an assist from Katherine Tapia.

The Seahawks scored once again before the Saints Samantha Pawlowski tried to narrow in the goal difference. That did not stop the Seahawks, they scored another two goals. Jenna Sommerville scored with an assist from Nicole for the Saints. Keiser and Siena both score, goal from Nicole with an assist going to Tapia.

The Seahawks scored another four unanswered goals beforethe Saints ended the first half with three goals by Nicole, Amber Soukup, with assists from Natalie Williams Casey Rappuhn.

Keiser opened up the second half with a quick goal before the Saints scored their final two goals of the game from Sommerville and Kristin Delclos.

The Seahawks scored nine unanswered goals to end the game.

The Saints were 11 of19 on shots, had 15 saves, 11 of32 clears, 22 groundballs, 12 draw controls and 30 turnovers.

The Seahawks were 24 of43 on shots withthree saves, 9 of10 clears, 30 groundballs, 24 draw controls and 23 turnovers.