A Virtual Experience: Disneyland Adventures


Disneyland Adventures is a wonderful game that gives one both a virtual experience and takes one on a magical journey in the Disneyland theme park. Like the park in the real world, the virtual park in this game is built the same way, but provides some new ways to enjoy the Disney theme park experience.

The experience this game provides is becoming a kid again by dressing up an avatar that resembles the user. The user gets to try on various costumes and meeting and getting to interact with favorite characters.

The user also experiences some of the attractions as a real experience than it just being a roller coaster or slow ride, while others are programmed the same as the ones in the real world. Users can buy accessories with the coins they earn, complete quests for the characters, collect pins and achievements from completing quests and attractions, conduct music, dance in the parade and control the fireworks display.

This game can be played in two ways. One way is playing it with a controller while sitting. The other way is with the Kinect sensor, or in other words, one’s body being the controller in front of a motion camera sensor.

When I first played this game, I played with the Kinect sensor because that is how it was first created when the Kinect system came out for the Xbox360.

This game can be played solo or with another person, it also makes for a great game for a family to play. As it is true, one simply cannot explore all of the park in one visit or be able to afford a Disney trip.

It is even a great way to get your kids excited while they are waiting for an upcoming trip since most Disney vacations are set six months out.