Movie Review: Godzilla: 2014


Godzilla is one of the world’s most powerful and revered monsters ever brought to life in the movies. Ever since Japan brought this atomic nuclear dinosaur to life, he was known as king of the monsters because no other of the monsters introduced in his movie series could ever kill him, not even the military.

There were, of course, some monsters that were able to defeat him, but only temporarily. When the Toho ended the series on Nov. 29, 2004, with Godzilla Final Wars, that was the last time Godzilla was seen in the movies with a memorable ending.

Since Warner Bros. resurrected Godzilla in his new 2014 movie, he has become the King once again. The 2014 Godzilla movie, like the others included the some of the identical segments and appearances I was expecting to see.

Godzilla received a new look. He fights a new enemy and faces the military. Some of the new things and segments added that surprised me were that Godzilla has a new roar, a new power breath attack and he is bigger than any of the Toho Godzillas. The female Muto used a warhead to lay her eggs, one of the military attacks takes place in San Francisco Bay and on the Golden Gate Bridge.

And Godzilla is actually the good guy in the movie. Everyone always feared Godzilla as a villain, but this one is a savior.

Godzilla has always been my favorite monster, and after getting to see him on video in his 2014 form, I got to thinking what the rest of the Kaiju from the Toho series would look like if Warner Bros. recreated them.

From what I could tell just by watching Godzilla in action, he is a majestic beast, and one I do not think audiences will forget about in the near future. The MUTOS are also perfect adversaries for Godzilla.

A possible outcome for this movie is that this could be ground zero for a new Godzilla series, and for as long as I can remember, Godzilla once again really matters.