Column: A Career Services Success Story


At Siena Heights University, the Career Services Office helps students find and receive jobs as well as internships. Another task that Career Services helps with is forwarding on job opportunities that they receive on to advisors.

At the end of August, throughout the first week of senior year, I had received an email from my advisor that was passed forward from Career Services for a potential job opportunity for soon-to-be graduates.

This email sparked my interest, since I was currently looking for a job after graduation come May 2019. After receiving this email, I sent my resumé to the director of Career Services, Sara Chrenko. After sending this email, I was given the opportunity to set up a meeting to discuss, as well as fix up, my resumé before it was sent off.

After my meeting with Sara, she had sent off my resumé to Ford Credit, for its Leadership Development Program. Once she sent out my resumé, I was able to go on to their website and apply for the position.

Within the first few days of October, I received an email that stated I was receiving an interview via ZOOM. During this first interview, I was told all about what the company was as well as what this position did throughout the day. Another part that happened during this interview was asking scenario questions.

The following week, I had received a phone call congratulating me on receiving a second interview, which was also when they invited me to come to Nashville for a second interview. During the weeks before I was flown to Nashville, I was given a packet as well as a case study to complete and bring to the interview.

In early November, Ford Credit flew me to Nashville for my second interview. On the first night there was a meet-and-greet with some current workers as well as other student who applied.

During the second day in Nashville was when the interviews began happening. The first interview was a group one. During this interview we were placed with three other applicants to discuss our thoughts and ideas of the case study, as if we were in a team meeting and were just being observed.

The next interview was an individual one with two workers. After both of the interviews were complete, they gave us a tour of the Business Center. At the end of the day, there was a question-and-answer session with current Leadership Development Program students.

The follow week I had received an email regarding that I had received the position in the program!

A few months went by before I received more information about the job. I received my program buddy as well as a list of things that I need to get done before I begin in this position this summer in Tampa, Fla.

Siena Heights Career Services has been a great asset in searching for a career after graduation.