COLUMN: An Inside Look at Fantasy

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COLUMN: An Inside Look at Fantasy

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Fantasy to many is merely one of several genres, but to others it is one of the most important genres in many of the creative arts.

Don’t get me wrong, all genres have something specific to offer to people, but fantasy holds a special place for me. With my own experience with the genre, I fell in love with the ability with being able to craft my own worlds, rules, and realities.

I believe that fantasy allows people to play with their imagination and create something unique and special. This is what I believe to be important about the genre of fantasy. Fantasy is, from my own viewpoint, one of the genres freed from restrains and allows you build the story from the ground up. It is the genre of making the impossible seem possible.

You do not need to be a good writer to begin writing something for the sake of writing. All you need is an imagination, some free time, and your choice of a computer or paper and pencil and simply write out an idea.

For myself, I take one single item or idea and run with that idea and expand upon that idea, until I have a fragment of a story. After a little while of doing this, I have something I can work with. An idea that can become something unique and special.

So, go and give fantasy a chance. Find the elements of the genre that speak to you. If you can not find something, then think of movies, games, books, or anything that holds elements of fantasy that you like and go from there.

All in all, what I believe to be gained from fantasy is a heightened and awaken imagination. Fantasy allows you to create a whole new world filled with creatures that aren’t apart of our world, as well as giving you the power to decide what the rules and reality of your world is and how countries and people develop over time.

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