Centennial Edition: Sister Eileen Rice


Sister Eileen Rice was an educator known to many near and far. She has awards named after her because she was a well-respected educator and human advocate.


Current Siena Heights University Director of Education Carrie Mitchell said, “Sister Eileen was known as a legend. …  She was innovative and she was creative. She just had a love and a passion for teaching and education, truly.”


A video of her called Changing Lives: Sister Eileen Rice, Sister Eileen herself said, “the fact that I don’t have very long to live, it doesn’t really make a difference in what I do on a daily basis. I’ve always been somebody who strong sense of living each day to its fullest.”


She was really inspirational and believed that every day she lived had a purpose. Also, in her snapshot video, she said, “I suppose I’m kind of present oriented in the sense.”


By reminding herself to be present, she was able to accomplish so many things and touch so many hearts while at Siena Heights and all over. She has left a legacy at this institution, and anyone can learn more about her by visiting the Legacy Room in the library!