COLUMN: Let’s Gobble ‘Til We Wobble!

Thanksgiving is not only the time where college students get a small break before finals and spend time with family and friends, it is also the time to eat. … Eat a lot, actually.

While walking around Siena Heights University campus, I took the time to ask students and staff what there favorite Thanksgiving food was to see which reigned supreme as the most popular Thanksgiving dish. Some of the least popular items were yams, sweet potatoes, ham and green bean casserole.

Out of the 100 people I asked this question to, over 65 percent chose the turkey as their favorite food of Thanksgiving. Coming in a close second place was Mac ‘N’ Cheese. Finally, coming in third place was the rolls/bread provided.

This Thanksgiving, remember to not only eat all the delicious food provided by your friends and family, but also give thanks for the blessings we have been provided here at Siena Heights University and also from your family and those around you who love you.