COLUMN: Finals Week “Food Fixes”


As the dreaded finals week approaches, Siena Heights students are resorting to extreme measures to complete final projects, papers and study for the many tests to come.

The students at SHU are rushing around to spend the last few dollars they have at the SHU Market on their new specials on energy drinks, coffee, and discounts on certain hot food items throughout the day.

Other than the quick food at the SHU Market, I wanted to know what were some other finals week “food fixes” the students at Siena Heights gravitate towards.

Some students stated they take a quick drive down to McDonald’s or Taco Bell and purchase something off the dollar menu to save a little extra cash. Or they swing by Wendy’s and utilize their SHU discount on 4 for $4 and Frosty’s.

Other students stated that they enjoy heading to Walmart during Thanksgiving weekend with their parents to stock up on snacks and quick microwavable meals to get them through the next two weeks.

Certain students even stated that they never leave their room to grab food, and chose to make things like oatmeal or Ramen noodles for the entire two weeks because of the extremity of their projects and tests.

Others said they venture over to Campus Village and enjoy a home-cooked meal made by some of their friends to gain a source of nutrition.

This finals week at Siena Heights University, remember to keep yourself fed and keep working hard to pass those finals!