Golfer Longyear Sets New Course on TikTok


Davis Longyear, a junior on the Siena Heights men’s golf team, is not only making headlines on the golf course, but on social media as well.

Longyear has been very well-known on TikTok and is known as Sirgolfalot18. Over the last couple of years, his account has taken off with 37,400 followers. Right when the Coronavirus pandemic started in March of 2020, Longyear wasted no time in getting his social media presence started.

Longyear said he wanted to become known on TikTok because he got inspiration from a high school friend, Nate Turner, who has almost one million followers. Since then, Longyear wasted no time in getting started with his social media career. 

Being on a collegiate sports team, Longyear said he can now benefit from NIL. This stands for Name, Image, and Likeness. Now, since Longyear has developed this TikTok brand,he can benefit from the money that he can earn. Thehe NAIA announced last year that student-athlelets can make money off NIL.

Longyear’s goal is to make as much money as he can, “while still providing quality golf content,” which is very important in Longyear’s mind. When coming up with content to share to his large following group, Longyear said his goal is to provide comedic golf content. 

Longyear he said he now needs to evaluate the amount of views that he receives.

“TikTok pays money based on the amount of views that you get, so when making my content, I am conscious of this, so I can figure out what videos might generate the most revenue,” he said.

Longyear, a native of South Bend, Ind., also mentioned that in order to get paid on TikTok, “you must have 10,000 followers.”

After college, Longyear said he will continue with TikTok as a side hobby because he has fun and can make some extra money on the side.