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Readers can keep the conversation going on shuspectra.com with online comments. Comment sections are available at the end of all news, sports, business, and feature stories. To comment, users need to use their first and last name and include a valid e-mail address. You must be at least 13 years old to post comments to our site. Flaming, trolling, soliciting, profaning, and defaming are prohibited as is hateful, racist, and personally insulting remarks. Swear words also are prohibited and comments that diverge from the topic of the story are not allowed. Be polite and considerate of others’ views.

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You can’t have an opinion about someone’s criminal activity (i.e., “that person is a drug addict” or “that business is crooked”); such is an accusation that without substantiation can incur your own legal trouble. To stay out of copyright messes, don’t post anyone else’s work. https://www.shuspectra.com/submit-a-letter/ https://www.shuspectra.com/submit-a-letter/ https://www.shuspectra.com/submit-a-letter/Violation of any part of the user agreement could result the user being banned from making further comments. These boundaries provide ample room for discussion among our readers.

Spectra welcomes your comments, criticisms, and contributions to our content.

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