Fall Festivities


On Wednesday, September 28th, the Unofficial Spanish Club hosted an apple tasting event in the Spanish Lab. During Homecoming week, the Unofficial Spanish Club hosts the annual Penny Hockey tournament, however, with other events going on, they did apple tasting during the week. Several students stopped in from all level classes and some of the international students joined as well.

The students who participated in the apple tasting were ranking the apples on a small piece of paper based on different categories. One category included tart, sour, and sweet while another was based on the smell of the apples. The next was juicy and grainy and the fourth was fresh or acidic. Students came to a conclusion and voted on the vest apple on the whiteboard in the lab. The winner of the apple tasting was the rave apple with nine votes.

The event came to be when students in Maestro Kaplan’s SPA240 class proposed a question if all potatoes that the Incas grew tasted the same. Kaplan’s response was “Do all apples taste the same?” While students were tasting apples, they were also making buttons and magnets that the Spanish lab has available for students to take or make their own.