Marissa Hall: She’s Got A Busy Life And She Knows It

Home was the place that Marissa Hall looked for and found when she decided to enroll at Siena Heights University. Coming from a small town where she knew she had support, leaving that was a cause of concern because she needed help for courses.

To fill that space, she became involved in everything that she could get her hands on. While being a psychology major, she joined the Psychology Club.

One can catch Hall on the sideline cheerleading squad to help cheer on Siena Heights athletic teams.

Wanting to do something with her beliefs, she’s a member of Protect Life, and PRIDE. The last organization she joined includes SAFE.

Hall said she is also about her money, having several jobs that forces her to keep busy. She works at the SHU Market, the testing center, Alumni Phonathon, and is also an FTSP peer mentor.

When she’s not securing the bag, or in club meetings, she’s all about having time for her friends. She said she likes watching Netflix (like American Horror Story), or playing with makeup in her free time.

When it comes to balance, she confesses, “It can be a lot, and I don’t have it all together.”

She said she knows when to put aside all of the fun stuff and get down to business and focus on her school work.

“As a first-generation college student, I always remember that I am here for a degree that my parents never were able to receive themselves,”  she said.

When it comes down to it, she said she will pull near all-nighters to finish her assignments, knowing how important it is to do so.

As a junior, and with second semester looming, she said it’s about that time where she needs to be thinking about what she wants to do after she graduates.

So what does Hall have planned?

Well, after getting her undergraduate, she said she plans to move on and earn her master’s degree in counseling and also substitute teaching.

Career goals? In her words, “I want to work with at risk children and adolescents either in the schools or at a center.”

Hall might be small, but she is mighty and knows exactly what she wants to do in life to reach her goals.