Saints Say


What is your name, year, major/minor, and sport?

My name is Levi Long and I’m a first-year Elementary Education major. At Siena, I am on the cheer team. 

I’m Jonathan LeBelle, I’m a sophomore, and I major in Musical Theatre with a minor in Technical Theatre. 

My name is Gillian Parzych, I’m a sophomore, and my major is Theatrical Design and Technology with emphasis in Costume and Makeup Design. 

I’m Andrew Sliwinski and I’m a first-year here at Siena. I major in Business Administration and I’m on the Men’s Volleyball Team. 

My name is Anjewel Lenior and I am a senior Musical Theatre Major. 


What are your plans for this semester?

Levi: Some of my plans for this semester are to do better academically, improve my mental health, and work on managing my time. 

Jonathan: My plans for this semester is continuing my work in the theatre department. I plan on auditioning for the Spring musical, “Children of Eden” and directing a one act for my Directing class.

Gillian: My plans are to expand my knowledge of other aspects of my major as well as audition to makeup design the Spring musical. I also hope to stage manage the Student Directed one acts. 

Andrew: My current plans for the semester are to get as much playing time as I can in volleyball and hopefully help my team win some games. 

Anjewel: This semester, I am directing a one act titles “27” club which will be taking place this Spring. I am also hoping to be cast in the musical, “Children of Eden” while working on hair and makeup. I am also planning to perform in the Senior Showcase, which I am extremely excited for!


Do you have a job? On or off campus? How is that going? 

Levi: I work three jobs while I’m a student at Siena. I work one off campus job at Biggby and my campus jobs are for DPS and the Center for Student Success. Right now, they’re going great, just a bit stressful trying to balance them with my academics. 

Jonathan: Off campus, I work at Musgroves in Tecumseh as a barista. I absolutely love it there! There isn’t a shift that goes by where I am bored or tired. I love my co-workers and we are ALWAYS laughing and having a blast. Not only are they amazing, but I’ve gotten the chance to connect with some of the regulars there too. One woman in particular, Betsy, comes in almost every time I work and I start singing her theme song, “I Love Betsy” from “Honeymoon in Vegas” and we just talk for as long as we can. 

Gillian: Job wise, I have an on campus job in the costume shop. I love it and it allows me to work on my passions of makeup and costumes while working for my major and getting paid. 

Andrew: Currently, I don’t have a job so it allows me to focus on my academics and my sport. Everything is going pretty well with my classes and volleyball keeps me pretty busy. 

Anjewel: Right now, I am working three jobs. Two of which are on campus and one that is off campus. I am a barista at The Buzz Cafe and Marketplace and I am employed at Siena working in the SSS Department and the Costume Shop in the theatre department. Overall, everything is going really well! I am making school one of my top priorities, but I’m also making sure to put my mental health first!

Pictured from left: Long, LaBelle, Parzych, Sliwinski, Lenior