Journalism – Transition from College to Adult Life

Alexis Forsythe, a nurse who works at the Henry Ford Hospital in the women and children unit, has been a nurse at the Henry Ford Hospital for two years as of right now. Forsythe says, “The transition from college to working was hard at first because I had to move back home earlier than I planned due to COVID.” Forsythe thought the working world was an easier transition than she thought it would be. Forsythe said, “Getting into a routine was hard at first to get into; however, gradually, it got easier to get into overtime.”

Forsythe works the night shift at the Women and Children’s unit at Henry Ford Hospital from 6:00 pm to 7:00 am. Forsythe’s current routine is sleeping during the day and then working the night shift at the hospital. Forsythe says, “It is a different lifestyle for sure, but it is one that I would not change.” Alexis currently likes working where she is in her unit and would like to stay there for an extensive period. Forsythe says, “However, due to issues at the current facility and short staffing, I will, unfortunately, be looking to go elsewhere.” Forsythe loves her work in nursing and will continue to be a nurse for as long as she can.

When I graduate from college, my transition will become easy for me to do. Especially when I come home from college and go right to work, it has always been easy for me. I love going to work more than I like going to school since it is more laid back and less stressful. When I am at school, I am always at school. I am so stressed out somedays it is hard for me to get work done. I cannot wait to get out into the work force because finding something I love to do every day is not working a day in my life, from what I have been told. I am excited to start my career as a Livestock Commission Agent after I graduate college to ensure all farm owners are not getting their animals stolen from other farmers.