Inside the Last Game


Hi, it’s Eric Williams and I am going to explain the last home game. This past weekend we played a top five opponent at home for our last home game of the season. This game meant a lot to our team in multiple ways, and the most important was an opportunity for a championship ring for our seniors especially. Unfortunately, we fell short in both aspects Saturday with a loss to Indiana Wesleyan. This loss meant that we now cannot win our conference championship, which is the main goal every year, along with the loss we might not be able to make playoffs unless we win out. What hurt more than the thought of not making playoffs was not sending our seniors away with a win on their lost home game. Being with the seniors for years watching them put all their blood sweat and tears into their sport just to have a memory of their last home game to be a loss is a terrible feeling. Seeing them breakdown and cry because they realize that they will never play here again, and that in two weeks that could be the last time they ever put pads on and play football ever again hurts. Football has made a family and brotherhood that will live on forever and it hurts knowing we could not send them off on the right note at home.