Dale Works on Perfecting Craft


Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a part of a coherent team? DJ Dale is a perfect example of how he operates as a team. Dale is the best player on the Overwatch team. He is a first-year student with an outstanding Overwatch resume. He is from Georgia and moved to Siena Heights University on a scholarship. Dale explained Overwatch as a team-based shooter with a bunch of game modes where you control a point longer than the opposing team. He says, “You need a good team because if someone is bad you can’t win.” 

Dale got into Overwatch by watching a commercial. The problem was, he didn’t have a gaming system to play the game. Over time he ended up getting one, but the game he was so eager to play had a subscription attached to it. What Dale did was take advantage of the two-day trial system by making new accounts until he got good at the game. He moved to computer gaming and got competitive. 

 Dale entered an open division tournament and placed 12th making him a talented player. Dale said, “The team I lost to ended up becoming a professional Esports team.” Dale’s tea, practices go for about two hours long and they happen every other day. His favorite characters are Widow and Tracer. These characters make him more of a solo player but still has good callouts and picks off the enemy team one by one. As a team bonding exercise dale says that everyone in esports workout together for about 30 minutes. “The season for the Overwatch team was canceled due to an ineligible teammate grade,” said Dale. You can watch some of his clips on his YouTube channel- norowareta