Inside The Lines

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Audrey Crawford

Madelyn Herrera, also known as Maddie, is a senior at Siena Heights University.  Herrera is described as an extremely caring and positive role model for the team. Herrera becomes her true self when she steps onto the field and becomes MH7. MH7 is a nickname given to her by some friends which stands for Maddie Herrera along with her number on the team, being seven.


Herrera has many rituals to get her ready before the game. Braiding her hair is a big one for her because of the motto “look good, feel good”. She will always have a braid in her hair no matter what the hair style is. She is also one of the designated “braiders” of the team. Another ritual is that she makes Tik Toks with her teammates. On Herrera’s Tik Tok account, there are hundreds of pregame videos showing before and after transformations of her in regular clothes, then jumping into her uniform. The most important ritual for Herrera is putting on her 777 necklace.


Herrera’s 777 necklace stands for not only her, but also her father. In college, Herrera’s father played baseball for Grand Valley State University, always being number seven. Once Maddie came to Siena Heights, she still kept her number, her birthday is also on November 7th which is where the third seven comes from. During pregame is when Herrera likes to get into her players mentally. She hypes herself up and listens to music while braiding her hair. During pregame is the main point of when she truly gets ready to play. Why is it so important to get into a certain mindset every time you are ready to play? Herrera said to “just so I can go out there and be the best player I can be for my team, making sure I have a clear head, with positive vibes and mindset; play good, have a good game”.


Before Herrera takes her first step onto the field likes to get “locking in” also known as “dialed in”. she goes in with a completely clear head, and clear thoughts. Herrera stated, “In softball, it’s bad to get down on yourself. You have to try to not think so negatively so you can stay as positive as you can throughout the game”.