How Time Management Has Helped Me In College


Time Management has always been something that I am good at when it comes to getting stuff done when busy during the day or week. I usually look at my planner on Sunday to see what I must work on during the week and get done. It is a good idea to know what assignments you must complete ahead of time so it is not a surprise to get it done and have it turned in on time. Being active in your planner is the best way to stay organized and successful in college so you know what you must get done and be successful. Using a planner has saved me by making me accountable for having all my assignments in one place to look over.

Another thing that has helped me succeed in college is my desk setup, which consists of my 4k 32-inch ultrawide curved monitor, mechanical keyboard, and mouse. My curved monitor is suitable for putting two things on the screen simultaneously, making it super easy and pleasant to look at a document you want to cite while working on a paper. My computer setup makes it easier to get homework done because so much screen makes life easier to write papers and reports. When I am at my computer setup, it motivates me to get homework that needs to be done because I use it as a tool to succeed. I recommend that every college student gets one if they have the money because it is a valuable tool worth 150%.

The last piece of advice to first-year students is not to give up because we all know that college can be challenging but worthwhile. Stay strong and give your all in all your classes and assignments that you turn in. If extra credit is offered in the class you are taking; I would take advantage of it and ensure you do it because professors hardly give out extra credit. The biggest thing is ensuring you get enough sleep even though it is hard to do with school, sports, and your social life. You need to get enough sleep to be focused on the things you will have to do during the day. Finally, do not procrastinate because it will hurt you big time in the end, and this is where you will struggle with getting assignments done.