Inside Huddle Relations


Hi my name is Eric Williams and I’m going to talk about the brotherhood. The bonds that are built during football truly last a lifetime.  Most of the time those bonds are formed and stay within the position group, not saying that they won’t branch out into others. Throughout the year you guys all sweat, bleed, and hurt together then continue to push forward while holding each other up mentally and physically. It makes you build a bond stronger than just friends and for some people that bond is stronger than bonds they have with their family. At times you wouldn’t be able to tell if they hate each other or love each other while on the field because they hold each other accountable for the wrong doings but also for the good things. You would think that the D-line would hate the O-line I mean they jobs are to stop each other from succeeding. But because of the constant battles at practice and giving each other their all everyday they love one another and an O-lineman best friend could be a D-lineman. The guys we meet and play with will be in our weddings and most important events in our life all because of the brotherhood built during football.