Tensions Inside the Huddle


Hi, my name is Eric Williams, and I can cut the tension with a knife. It’s no secret that we always have the best defense in the nation with a lackluster offense. So usually, our games are dependent on the defensive side of the ball. That wasn’t the case in the last week. We played a team we should have dominated on both sides of the ball, but we went in with an emphasis of passing to get ready for upcoming weeks. We ended up scoring 45 points with that tactic even though we could have run the ball on every drive and scored 80 plus points. The tensions come in when our defense who holds teams to 6 points does not play their best game. We come into facility the next day and the feeling is we lost, and we have to remind ourselves what the goal is. I disagree because I felt our offense played well. Could we improve? Yes, but we only punted once and had about 500 yards of offense total. Going into another game week with both sides of the ball with a disagreement, it could be tricky because we have to be one unit to be successful. As tensions are high, we have to be able to play at a high level if we want to succeed.