One-on-One with Drew Pitts

The year 2020 has been a year of history. A multitude of ups and downs have occurred, and a lot of uncertainty has set in. For athletes all around the country, there is uncertainty is a season will even occur for their sport.

At Siena Heights, there is still uncertainty whether fall sports will happen. However, there are still tentative plans that fall sports will be played, and athletes are very excited to play their sport again if these plans go forward.

Freshman Drew Pitts, a member of the Siena Heights men’s golf team, discussed how excited he is for the season and also how the pandemic will affect this golf season. When asked what it was like being a college freshman, he said it was different than high school. In high school, Pitts said he knew everybody. Now, since he is in college, he has to meet new people because this is not high school anymore. For Pitts he he said essentially has to start over.

Now since Pitts is on campus, he along with all the other fall sports teams, said they are very excited for their seasons to start. Pitts said he has great teammates and that he feels very welcomed on the golf team.

In regards to how the season has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, he said that his season was shortened and that social distancing is required at practice at all times.

Pitts said he is very excited to get this season started, even though the golf season has been trimmed quite a bit.

Golf is a very competitive sport and only five make the starting lineup. Since there are currently six players on the golf team, Pitts said if he does not make the lineup, it would not be a big deal since he is only a freshman. He said he will continue to practice and get better so he can make the lineup in future tournaments.

Pitts has been playing golf since the fifth grade. However, golf was not the only sport he played. He also played baseball. But he chose golf over baseball because he liked the independence in golf and how he can control things more in golf than in baseball.

Even though there is still a lot of uncertainty, Pitts said the tentative plans that have been put in place bring out hope on campus that fall sports can happen in the 2020 Fall season.