Inside The Huddle


My name is Eric Williams and I love knowing what is unknown in the huddle. A lot of times in the game of football you will see teams in a huddle and because of video games and short glimpses on television you would probably think it is only to receive the play call. Now for Siena Heights that’s true for a small percentage of the time, but as for what really goes on and is said isn’t for everyone. You have to think and imagine about all the pain and work players put in to be able to be on the field. Getting a play call is easy, just a couple of hand signals and you are good to go. In the huddle you see people gasping for air or bent over in pain, while the rest of us are locked into what is being said. Motivational words coming from one player, while the quarterback is trying to get small things corrected within the o-line, then another player who plays with emotions and loves the game looks at everyone and says it’s time to go, it’s time put our foot on the gas and “never f’ing let up.” Then everyone gets rattled up together and all the words are just one blur. At the end coach will step in bring everyone silent and give us the play, the mission to success with the final words “Let’s end it!”