Being Him


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have all eyes on you, Kirby Harden does. Not only is he an excellent 2k player, but he is also an amazing person. NBA 2k is an online basketball game that gives you an NBA experience. It’s not just any game you still need to have a real-life basketball IQ to be great at this game. Harden’s love for basketball first started as a young boy. He says, “since I was young, I loved basketball, but what got me into 2k was a church summer camp after seeing them play.” This was Harden’s first spark.

Harden has been making content since he was 14 and his viewers love his competitive side. He says that he has always been competitive which is why he started to take 2k more competitively early on. Around his eleventh-grade year, he started to play Stage, which is the most competitive side of 2k. The Stage makes you put up Virtual Currency (VC) against other players. Over time, he started building a following on twitch and YouTube. Harden says, “my Twitch blew up because I revisited old games and played them.” Not only were eyes on him because of his following, but he also got attention when he was the first to get a scholarship with Siena Heights University for playing 2k.

There are different tournaments that Harden and his team participate in locally, but most of the “Tournaments” he does are called Wagers. This is when two teams put in an equal amount of money and the winner takes both pots. Harden said that the most he has ever played for 1500 dollars.

Becoming captain as a first-year student is no easy task, but the main job that Harden has is to motivate and shift the momentum of the game. He says that he is the loudest and most energetic when it comes to the game. The biggest challenge for him is going to be to transition to a 3v3 Pro-Am Team and play organized basketball.