RETRO REVIEW: Remember the Titans


I’m not a sports movie person, or just a sports person in general. Yet whenever ”Remember the Titans” is on, I cannot help but watch it. And from what I hear, everyone else feels the same.

What is it about this movie? Why or how can everyone find something to love about this movie? I think I have figured it out.

  1. Characters, dialogue, premise

While these reasons could be separate points, they all tie into each other. The characters are likable; and the ones we don’t like at first, we see them grow. And plus, they are hilarious. And they act like boys their age would act. And you can really see them bond and become brothers. And it feels earned, it’s not all in one conversation that the racism ends. It takes time, and it takes up most of the beginning of the movie. And that makes the ending of this movie so heartbreaking. It still hits me like a ton of bricks, and I know the ending. But that’s what happens: high school ends. That weird time of growing and discovering who you are ends.

  1. Denzel Washington

Okay, he needs his own point. Washington SELLS this role, and I cannot imagine anybody else but him being the head coach. He just carries himself in such a way that makes you ready to do anything. And seeing him interact with the team, that’s where he really shines, because you can tell he does care about them at the end of the day. And they have earned his respect, and vice versa. Washington is such a solid actor. While this might not be his best role, I cannot imagine anybody else playing this character.

  1. Not just a football movie

There have been so many sports films trying to replicate “Remember the Titans.” But all of them are missing what is at the heart of this film: the trope commonly called the “found family” trope. You can see all the teammates connect, and all of them grow, and football is how they do that. Often, films that try to replicate “Remember the Titans” miss that. That there must be something else other than the sport in the film. It must have a heart, humor and likable characters.

And no matter how many sports movies come out, no matter how many football films are made, we will always Remember the Titans. Sorry, I had to.