Game Review: Battleship

Game Review: Battleship

The movie Battleship was the first human versus alien warfare movie I watched in 2012. And to be honest, this movie impressed me just as much as Pearl Harbor did. An alien race crash landing on earth in both the water and on land, and faces off against the Navy. It was also interesting to see the new reconstructed Pearl Harbor in this movie.

This movie was an inspiration for the Activision game company and led to the creation of the game Battleship, and I do not mean the board game. I am talking about the video game Battleship, which is based off the movie itself, but instead has a different story than the movie. The game’s view is first person shooter and was released to the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

The game includes the same features as the movie did, such as the enemy troops, naval soldiers, the alien naval ships, and the U.S naval ships. The alien troops have only one type of hand gun to use, but I do not remember what it is called. I do know it shoots like a revolving machine gun, but without a rapid fire feature. As for the human weapons, you get the classics, which are an assault rifle, pistol, shot gun and sniper. The upgrades for your arsenal in this game are a hand held railgun sniper, positioning your ships in support spots, select targets for your ships and square off against enemy ships when getting to control one of your own ships.

The human ships at sea are the Nimitz-class carrier USS Ronald Reagan, Iowa-class battleship USS Missouri, Ticonderoga-class cruiser USS Yukon, Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS John Quincy Adams, Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate USS Chesapeake, and Virginia-class submarine USS Laredo. Of these ships, the ones you get to control are the submarine Laredo, the frigate USS Chesapeake, the John Quincy Adams Destroyer, the USS Yukon cruiser and the battleship Missouri.

When fighting on land, it will be mostly close quarters combat, but it is best to watch out for the enemy shredder mines. In the movie the shredders role on the ground destroying everything in their path, and have tail chains to grab choppers taking off. In the game the shredders act as mines. But instead of pressure detonation, they have sensors and pop out of the ground when you get to close or if one of your bullets hit them and start rolling towards you. The thing about the rolling feature is that they can follow you in each direction you are moving, including uphill and downhill. They detonate on impact with you or you can use your own guns to destroy them.

Like the final battle in the movie between the battleship Missouri and the enemy flagship, the final mission goes a similar way. Once you destroy the jamming arrays in the final mission, the enemy flagship surfaces. I thought it would go down the same way in game like it did in the movie, but I was wrong. This time the flagship has shields on it and you have drain the shields for the Battleship Missouri to square off with it. This process has to be done at least two or three times.

The game was great to play, and the effects of weapons really impressed me, and it was fun to play. Activision did a really good job with creating this game’s story and effects, that I just could not wait to see what else it is going to make in the future.