Game Review: Squeak Squad

Game Review: Squeak Squad

Have you ever enjoyed watching the cartoons on the 4Kids TV channel and do you still miss them? Some of them were my favorite to watch even more than on cartoon network back in day. One of them that I enjoyed watching was “Kirby Right Back at Ya,” which was a series about Star Warrior coming to dreamland and battling monsters from an organization called Nightmare Enterprises.

This TV series was an inspiration to the creation of game Kirby Squeak Squad, which is game released to the Nintendo DS. It was first Kirby game I played when I got my first DS. Controlling Kirby in this game is easy to and like the rest of the Kirby games, his copy abilities of certain enemies by inhaling and swallowing them is included.

There are also interactive environments, with obstacles that are passable with copy abilities. The story is long, but provides quite an adventure for you while controlling Kirby and his abilities.

Along with facing Kirby’s main enemy, King Dedede, the game provides a new enemy to face called the Squeak Squad, which are an infamous group of treasure-thieving mice. The adventure in this game takes Kirby on a journey through eight different worlds while fighting against the squeak squad and the bosses of each to find his missing strawberry short cake slice. Each terrain of the eight worlds is different and goes along with its picture before entering it.

When I am playing this game, the worlds themselves make me feel like I am inside my own personal dream world right now living the life of my own imagination. Video games with various worlds in them like this one sometimes have the same effect on people that like fantasizing their own dreams.

The graphics and effects of Kirby’s abilities from his different forms in the game are rather impressive when compared to the TV series. Sure there some of Kirby’s forms in the game that were not part of TV series and some from the TV series were not part of game, but they were still powerful abilities.

A fundamental setting for Kirby in this game falls into place with the treasure chests you find in the levels of each world because they could either contain a trophy, an ability, a puzzle piece, or even a new color for Kirby.

Not much can be done to make this game any better except for maybe changing the graphics on the screen to maybe 3D digital, but some of the other Kirby games already look 3D. Never the less, it is still a great game to play.