COLUMN: The Black Mamba, Worldwide


It has been well over a week since the unexpected death of a legend. Kobe Bryant’s millions of fans have expressed their feelings of grief and devastation in regards to his unexpected passing.

In his absence, we are able to see just how big of an impact that his life and legacy had on the world. In an interview with CloseUp360 last October, Bryant shares some commentary regarding ethnocentrism, globalization and creativity.

Within his interview, he spoke about the fact that he spent a considerable amount of time in Italy, and how that time opened his eyes up to “Understanding how to adapt to different cultures, and not just adapt but… embrace the differences between cultures.”

In the modern world, many people forget that though they can vicariously experience just about anything, truly understanding and embracing a certain culture is a completely different ordeal.

Bryant also mentions the fact that the increasing accessibility of the world can even be seen within basketball itself. This is evident in the way that even in China, his life was celebrated and his loss mourned.

He also explains that the sharing of information and techniques across the globe has attributed to having a more well-rounded understanding of training, recovery, and even playing. Most times, nations compete with one another, however, Bryant states that in truth, it is collaboration across the world that makes for innovation and success.

The NBA star also reflects on his creative process and the fact that in some cases, journalistic integrity has become obsolete. Bryant strived for perfection in all of his hobbies, including writing and the like. He explains that he wanted to, “… create stories that have been cared for.” He encourages creators to put a strenuous amount of effort into their work, making them truly come to life when they are completed.

Though his absence will be felt in an immense way, his impact will never be forgotten; and so, in the words of Kobe Bryant, “Keep moving forward.”